About Me and This Blog

Hello! Welcome to my blog! God knows how you got here, but feel free to check out my posts. I post everything from bad fashion advice to embarrassing stories. I try to be amusing (and fail) so if you’re here for good humour I’d leave while you still can. I also post about LGBTQ+ matters, and whatever else floats my boat. That’ll probably be stuff like reading and TV shows, and whatever else I’m finding interesting enough to write about. This is my safe place online, and feel free to make it yours as well. 

You can call me Eggy 🙂

I’m a lot of different things… A little insane (in a good way – I think), an aspiring doctor (will they let an insane person be a doctor?), an obsessive writer (That can’ t write), a huge fan of brackets (duh) and a bit of a (huge) dork.

Free eggs for anyone who comments on my blogs!