Calzona Vs Elizona (Ft, Calpen)

Ok, so at this rate I’m probably going to have to make a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ category, but I really wanted to write about this. This probably won’t interest most readers, unless you’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy, so if you have no idea what this blog post is about, watch all thirteen seasons of Grey’s Anatomy (you won’t regret it!) and come back.

I think I should start by saying that I, a huge Grey’s Anatomy nerd, have shipped both Calzona and Elizona (Who this post will mostly concern – but I’m probably going to have to mention Calpen). I have shipped both these couples strongly, but right now, my OTP is Elizona, so what I’m about to blog about will more than likely be incredibly biased. HOWEVER!! I’d like to say that I’m intellectual enough to look from all sides of this heated ship clash.

Also I just had the horrible realisation that elizona might not even be a long-term thing because we’ve only had her for like half a season (currently), and now I’m annoyed.

Alright, so there are so many dimensions to this whole thing, that I have no idea where to start. Hmm..

When Arizona was added to grey’s anatomy, it was basically so Callie could have a love interest. I’m sure there were other factors like her specialisation and whatnot, but realistically it was basically so Callie could have a date mate. I remember reading somewhere that  she was only supposed to be in the show for three episodes, so thank god the fandom took a liking to the ship. If we’d all decided we didn’t like Arizona with Callie, chances are she’d have been written out of the story.

calzona 2.jpg

Which means Callie is basically Arizona’s roots. Without Callie, Arizona wouldn’t be the character she is now. I mean, they were a thing for like six seasons! It was serious biz. But their relationship itself… well it kinda sucked.

They broke up four times. Literally four times. For those that have forgotten, they broke up when Callie wanted a baby and Arizona didn’t, they broke up when Arizona went to Africa, they broke up when Arizona cheated on her, and their final breakup was after they basically failed marriage counselling. Or Callie did anyway (just sayin’).

In my opinion, their relationship basically just died after the plane crash (Their relationship dive-bombed more than the plane did haha), and basically everything just kind of went rotten. Then Arizona cheated on Callie, and by then we all kind of knew it was over. Well, except the demon shippers, but you’ve kind of got to count them as anomalies. It was sort of obvious that their relationship was dead.

But! Shonda obviously hadn’t abandoned hope – either that or she was trying to make us believe it could all be happy again… as if. They had another go at the relationship, after Callie’s father told Callie that he had cheated on her mother, and she wouldn’t be alive if her mother hadn’t forgiven him. So, Callie, more for her parents than for herself, forgave Arizona (who at that point was already banging an intern ha).

Ultimately their attempt at redemption failed, which was basically Callie’s fault (although I suppose you can’t control how your heart works), and they split up for good.

The calzona we once knew and loved:

calzona 3.jpg

Had morphed into this:

calzona dead

…Wow that hurt a little to insert. Now don’t get me wrong, if after the plane crash it had all been written a little differently, I’d probably still ship them. Except, that’s not what happened. They fell out of love, and in love with others (crushing the entire fandom’s heart in the process, but it wouldn’t be Shondaland if they didn’t), and if these were real people, I’m sure everyone – or at least every sane person – would be totally chill with it. Except because they’re fictional, everyone’s all ‘CALZONA STRONG’, ‘IT’LL COME BACK’, ‘SHONDA SAID IN THIS ONE INTERVIEW THIS ONE TIME SIX YEARS AGO THAT…’, and so on and so forth.

Looking at the facts, Calzona will never be a thing again. Ever.

Sara Ramirez has literally left the show.

Callie ain’t coming back people. And if, on the slim chance she does, it won’t be for Arizona. I think that we should all just kind of get over it. Arizona sure has 😉

(Sorry, that was uncalled for).

Moving on was no easier for Arizona then it was for Callie. In fact, I think it was a lot further. Evidence on this: A) Callie got in a serious relationship, a whole season before Arizona was even given a romantic interest (other that her trips to the girl bar obviously) B) Arizona was the one that said ‘I love you’, after the marriage counselling, whereas Callie just kinda left. C) Callie couldn’t go with Arizona to Africa in Season 6, but her only issue with going across to the other side of the United States, was the fact that her daughter was in Seattle, which Arizona fixed for her.

Speaking of moving on, can we talk about Calpen.What even was Calpen? It was so rushed, and I really hated how it was written. A lot of viewers despised Penny, but that was either because she ‘killed’ Derek, or she ‘ruined’ Calzona . She wasn’t much of a character to be honest. I didn’t really feel any which way about her. She wasn’t really a nasty character, but she wasn’t great either. She was introduced as the character that ‘killed’ Derek, when really it was the male doctors fault for not listening to her. She ‘ruined’ Calzona, when it was long since gone when she got there. Calpen wasn’t even that cute. It was an inherently average couple compared to Jolex, or Japril, or the other couples that were at that time.


Penny was literally in it for like one season, and one devastating episode in Season 11 (which I am still not ready to talk about, Ok?! T-T). She just created this whole ‘meh’ aura around herself, and in turn, Callie. I didn’t hate Callie (Ok well maybe a little, but only after she ruined Calozna – I’m salty ok), but Calpen just kind of sucked.

Also can we please just talk about how after Arizona cheated on Callie, Callie literally just dropped her in it. Who does that? Who announces to all their friends that her wife cheated on her, in front of her wife?? Then a few episodes later, after they’d split up, she pretended Arizona was dead to get pity points. Callie did not handle any of it maturely. I’m so glad that April was there for Arizona, because basically nobody else was.

AND, after Callie and Arizona got together for a final time, Callie got annoyed that Arizona had slept with the intern, when they weren’t together, and then compromised the performance of such intern because she was annoyed. Ok, this is me just ranting about how Callie ruined my OTP, so I’m going to carry on.

Calzona 1.png

So there we all were, starting Season 13 without our well-loved Ortho surgeon, some of us sadder than others. There’d been rumours that Arizona would be getting a new love interest, and speculation to who that could be. Leah Murphy was coming back, and two other female actresses were joining the cast. So of course, we were all curious.

Personally I’m glad that it was Eliza, not Megan or Leah, because I think them two would be just a little weird. Arizona deserved someone completely new and exciting, which boy oh boy did she get.

elizona 3.jpg

I’ve read in a lot pf places that people don’t like Eliza. I’d have to firmly disagree. And not just because I want her and Arizona to do it. The way Shonda has written her in is witty, clever, and actually interesting. A huge contrast to how she wrote in Penny. Her character is actually really funny, and like all good characters has soft points and hard points. She’s one of them new characters that you know you’re just going to love.

I remember when I first watched her in an episode, I was shocked at how much I’d liked her. I’d assumed she’d be pointless, or boring, or something. She wasn’t even just in the show to be a love interest.

They’ve only been liking each other for a few episodes and I’m already madly in love with them. And the drama picked up so much when she was introduced, because that whole DeLuca/Karev/Wilson thing was getting old, and it was getting old fast.

Elizona 1

To summarise, Calzona has well and truly gone, for better or for worse. The cause can be speculated, but none of it really matters now. Callie probably won’t be coming back, and if she does, it won’t affect Calzona’s end result (if common sense were to pull through, but who knows?Maybe Shonda would throw a curve ball… wouldn’t be the first time). Callie is off with Penny, and her daughter, in New York and to quote Shonda herself,

 I will miss Callie tremendously, but am excited for what the future holds for Sara.

As Callie s living the rest of her fictional life in New York, Arizona has found someone new, and instead of fans hanging on to the sunken ship of Calzona, they should jump aboard Elizona, and sail off into the horizon so to speak.

Elizona 2.jpg

This was a huge post wowza. Sorry for wasting your lives aha, but I really wanted to write about this. Comment your own opinions, if you want, and I hope you’ll see some more of me soon.

This is EggyBlogs.


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