A Rant About Hair

Hello everybody! If you don’t know much about me or my hair, this won’t really make sense for you so I’d recommend checking out my post ‘My Gender And Sexuality’. But I have to rant right now.

Now, I love my hair. I really do. For all the grief it causes me, you wouldn’t think I did, but I actually really do. It’s easy to look after (far easier than what it would be if it was any longer), it suits my face, it is cute and curly and I personally think it’s great. However, the close-mindedness of my community do not.

I am an avid user of public transport. I catch a bus up to four times a day, and travel through several bus stations. I am well accustomed to roaming. 

So today, I go to the public bathroom. It’s not crazily busy, and there is only one gaggle of teenage girls there, who I do my best to avoid. I don’t really mind this, as although I am usually the victim of these groups’ ‘banter’ (especially when I don’t know them, for they know there are no future consequences), I am so used to this that it effects me alot less than it used to.

These girls don’t even look twice at me as I leave the cubicle, and proceed to wash my hands and exit, and I’m overwhelmed by relief. I actually thought I might be able to do something in public without mockery or an insult, or even an accidental misgendering. 

Can I please just stress how rare that is, and I’m normally living on the edge, so of course, for a moment, I let my guard down.

As I go to open the door, it is already being opened. My first sight is a young girl, with pig tails and a jacket. I immediately smile. The door keeps opening and it reveals a woman, about a foot taller than me, with a pixie cut and sunglasses. (Also who wears Sunglasses in March???) .

The woman holds open the door for me, and graciously I thank her in the highest voice I can speak in which sounds normal.I sound sweet and sincere, and in all honesty I actually was. I was genuinely happy to not have been verbally hurt.

And do you know what I get in return?

“Why are there boys in here?” The woman didn’t even look lower than my fringe.

What. The. Hell.

First of all, I am wearing a skirt, and a girls hoodie. I have girl glasses on, and I even made my short hair go down, so it looks more feminine. And I’m in the girls bathroom. I am quite obviously a girl. 

But this isn’t what annoyed me. I mean. Yes, That annoyed me. But it got worse.

This woman and I, had the same haircut.

Literally the exact same.

Using her logic, she looked more like a -stereotypical- boy than I did!

That literally annoyed me so much. It’s just unfair. People really need to look past my stupid short hair and look at my face. Or my clothes. Or anything else. I’m so tired of people stereotyping short hair and boys.

Not all boys have short hair; Not all girls have long hair.

Sorry for my rant, but I really had to get that off my chest. How’s everyone doing? Comment if you’ve had an experience similar, maybe give me a star (?) And I’ll see you all soon…

This is EggyBlogs.


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