Why The Titanic Isn’t Portrayed In The Media ‘Too Much’

I did this as a school project, and actually found it really interesting to write about 🙂

Why The Titanic deserves more attention from the media.

Many people have their own opinions when it comes to the portrayal of the Titanic’s sinking on the media. It has had 17 movies made about it, the most famous of which being the 1997 version, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DeCaprio. Many people died in the accident, and it has been portrayed in many different ways. Through books, movies, and comic strips. The question people keep asking is, ‘Do we do enough in the media?’.


Do you think a mere seventeen movies is enough publicising of a tragedy that caused 1503 deaths. Do you think that can even begin to justifiably represent the sinking of one of the most tragic events in human history.

It’s true that the human race is full of flaws, and many historic tragedies have occurred, and aren’t anywhere near as much portrayed in the media, however does that mean the Titanic should be moved aside to give the Fire Of London a turn? If the film industry likes it, then there going to keep doing it, which doesn’t make it a bad thing if it’s spreading awareness for a horrible historical event.

It’s often called the most tragic shipwreck in history, and that’s the kind of thing the media feeds off. Only 31.6 percent of passengers survived and we give them what? A few movies? Some historical articles? If we choose to keep redoing then at least we’re keeping these people’s stories alive.

Speaking of stories, most of the stories are entirely fictional, so it’s not like they’re using actually people’s lives for views and watchers. They’re just giving examples, because their were people’s lives lost, and people had lives. That’s something we all forget. It’s not just a figure we should be sad about. Every single person has a story. They all had dreams, families, friends, and they all had futures. Until they got on that boat.


This can also, however be flipped on it’s head. We aren’t using actual people’s stories, so… maybe we should? Maybe people would have wanted everyone to know how their lives were cruelly brought to an untimely end. Maybe what we’re doing is an injustice. Maybe more real stories need to be publicised.

Irish passengers died in third class, as they were locked in to ensure that the English and American’s could get on the life boat. You don’t see any movies about that, do you? We need more media on this topic. We need more media on all the topics that have been forgotten. It’s just plain not right.

The lifeboats only were filled a third to what they could have been, so we need to ensure the same mistakes are not made again. It’s not just about remembering, it’s also about looking forward. If we don’t learn, then the next unsinkable ship will sink. If we don’t publicise what happened, then a future boat builder will use the cheaper bolts, like they did before, and it’ll hit an ice berg, and it’ll sink. Remembering is a way to avoid the unavoidable.

Ok, Thanks for reading! A bit different from usual so tell me if you like this or not..

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