A Change Of Lifestyle

Recently, I read a blog post by a medical student who is also a Muay Thai fighter (I think that’s what he called it). His blog really attracted me, as I am also an aspiring doctor – although he’s a lot closer to it then I am! – and I was so inspired by his writing. Of course you should go read his blog, it’s https://jamesistrying.com/

The name of the blog that really has motivated me is ‘Maybe You Actually Are Something Special’ and oh wow.

So I’m making a change. 

I’m going to try and go on a healthier diet. I’ve been eating so much chocolate lately it’s really not good! So I’m making a change. I don’t smoke or drink, so there’s no needn for concern there, and I always stay very well hydrated (a habit I’d recommend anyone getting). But excersize-wise, I’ve always been a little meh. I do go sailing and rowing, but in the winter it’s far too cold, and I often find that I’m doing barely any sports. I’m in the process of getting to go ice skating weekly, which will be fun of course, but it’s just not enough few months ago my household purchased a treadmill. I used it a total of two times, and the second time felt harder than the last. I have come up with a scheme to keep my going with it. It’s a pretty bad plan but ‘pretty bad plan’ is my middle name. I am a huge fan of the youtuber ‘Shane Dawson’, who does a podcast every week (I think). I’ve never actually heard any of these as I never really need to listen to a podcast; I have music.

But I’m not listening to music for an hour, while running on a treadmill.

No, I’d much rather have some thing to lighten the mood. What better than humour?

So yes. I’m going to try and do more jogging on a treadmill. It may work, and I hope it does, but it may not. I also think its time I walk the dog a little more. I mean, I barely look after him these days. It’s time I got my stuff together.

Diet-wise, I need to change. For a start I’m going to stop eating oreos every break I get. I really don’t think that that’s helping. And I’ll stop eating whole bars of chocolate after school. And start I’m eating breakfast.

Wow, I just realised how unhealthy I am.

OK, here’s the agenda:

  • Go jogging on treadmill for an hour
  • Take dog for at least 3 walks a week
  • Stop eating oreos at break.
  • Start eating breakfast.
  • Don’t buy a bar of chocolate everyday.

Yeah that seems like a good plan. Next Friday I’ll have an update, to see how my first week went and whatnot.

This is EggyBlogs.

P.s. I do actually make sure my dog is OK, I just avoid feeding and walking him at all costs.


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