Grey’s Anatomy – The Best Medical Drama Ever?!

Recently, I have finished a medical drama called ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. I’m sure most of you have watched it, or at least heard of it. It’s one of them shows that knows just how to leave a viewer speechless. Or in tears. Or both.

I have never really been so blown away by a medical drama. And I have seen quite a few.

There’s just something about the characters that really catches your interest. Each one has a story, and not one of them is boring. There’s always plot twists and catastrophes.

Whether you like the ambitious and arragont Christina, dreamy Derek or dark and twisty Meredith, there’s a character for everyone. Personally I’m an Arizona Robbins lover.

Yikes she’s awesome.

Anyway,  I need to rant about somethings about the show and that’s basically why people blog so..

I feel like everyone is either an Arizona lover or a Callie lover, or like every viewer definitely took a side in the divorce. Honestly, I swear everyone’s always ‘Oh Callie’s my fave’ and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Sara Ramirez, but Callie whines and is so stubborn and ai actually find kind of annoying. And like 99% of what she says is ‘wot’. 

“Am I your girlfriend?”


“Tell me I’m great.”




What do you guys think about Owen and Amelia?  At first I hardcore shipped them, but now I’m just like ‘meh’. I feel like season twelve to now has just been so… ‘Meh’.  Don’t get me wrong it’s still the best show ever, I just feel like it’s running low on… Density? It’s just felt so liquid-like, which doesn’t match what the show is supposed to be. With medical dramas it’s always about balance. Shows like ‘House’ were maybe a little too dense, especially near the end, but where Grey’s anatomy was Season 1 to 8/9 was perfect. I feel like after the plane crash everything went bad.

Thanks for reading! If you guys no any other medical dramas/comedies that are really good, please let me know in the comments!

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