An Obsession With Sweatshirts

Hello! My last post about laziness made me think about what I could actually blog about, and I realised that a blog doesn’t have to be great. I made this blog to try and feel happier, but I am happier now.. but what makes me happier?

And I came to the conclusion that it was sweatshirts.

Yes I’m making a blog about why sweatshirts are so good. Why? Well, why not?

Reasons to love sweatshirts:

– They come in all shapes and sizes, with various patterns and thickness.

– Hide body fat.

– Super cosy.

-Look cool and classy, with minimal effort.

-Take 0.2 seconds to put on.

-Go with literally everything.

Currently I am wearing a green sweatshirt from H&M (which by the way, is the best place to get sweatshirts from, if you’re looking for lightweight and cute sweatshirts), with the word ‘Minimalism’ printed on it. I bought it in a larger size than needed because there is nothing cuter then oversized sweatshirts.

Why am I wearing this? 

Because I look hot as hell.

I have not been sponsored by sweatshirts I just think they’re underrated. Almost as underrated as American Authors. 

(Side note: If you haven’t heard some of they’re music you need to get that on your to do list. Particularly ‘Born To Run’. I’m serious.)

And another point.

Sweatshirts and jumpers are completely different¡¡¡

Jumpers (or sweaters) are thick and fluffy, possibly woolen. Sweatshirts are usually cotton, and lighter. Jumpers are the same thickness throughout the whole thing, and I find that sweatshirts (the thick ones) are cotton on the outside, and plushy on the inside. 


Dan Howell in a jumper.

Dan Howell in a sweatshirt.


yes I’m more passionasweatout sweatshirts than literally anything else. Do I look like I care.

You  can’t see me so I assure you I don’t.

As a summary: sweatshirts are cute, easy to wear and a necessary part of any wardrobe. And they’re completely different from jumpers. Jumpers are nice too, but they have nothing on sweatshirts. 

And Eggy really likes sweatshirts.

Do you think I can buy a sweatshirt with an egg on.


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