5 Tips To Prevent Laziness – Help For The Lazy

So I haven’t actually blogged about anything on my blog, which is about what I expected to be truthful considering that I’m more than definitely the laziest person I know, but…..

I’m also hugely ironic.
There’s just something so satisfying about irony.. something so necessary in my meaningless existence, that I, in all my non-existant glory, have to be ironic. So.

5 Ways To Prevent Laziness!

1) It’s Discipline… not Motivation.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the notion that to get things done, you just need motivation. Unfortunately, the reality is you do it or you don’t. You get it done or you procrastinate. You don’t post on your blog for four months or you do. A cute quote on pinterest won’t make you anymore likely to do that thing you’ve been putting off, and is about as effective as having a nap. And can be less time efficient too.

2) Accept Who You Are… Don’t Change It

Maybe you are the laziest person you know, but at least you know that. There’s no point changing the unchangeable. Intelligence can be changed, as well as physical strength, but personality is something your born with. You don’t have to be proud of it. Just accept it and work around it. Trying to change it will give you more grief than you need, and if you’re lazy, the last thing you want is grief.

3) Think About It

OK. So maybe you hate typing because your lazy and your fingers hurt, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think about what to type. Even if your initial idea was different from this but you just wanted to be ironic, thinking about the task will make it easier when you can actually be prepared to do it.

4) You Are Responsible For You

In my Religous Studies classroom, there are quotes all over the walls. Most of them are crap, and half of them don’t make any logical sense, but I read them anyway since anything is better than finding out about the hair under my teacher’s boobs (yes she actually talks about this I am not joking). One that really caught my eye went as followed: “The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life, is the moment you can change everything in your life.”. At first, I grouped it in with the rest of the crap on that board, but when reading it again (At this point I believe we were revising Jesus’ Last Supper) I actually kind of agreed with it. I am responsible for this blog, and I need to change the fact that I literally have posted one thing.

5) The Impossible Is Called Impossible For A Reason

Before you misinterpret what I’m saying, I’m not saying don’t follow your dreams. If you want to be an astronaught then goddman you be an astronaught, but don’t tell yourself you need to learn to spacewalk by twelve, then by three you need to know the history of to rocket science. Time is  more than just a social construct. It’s also infinite. If you’re around the same age as me you have (very roughly) 60-80 years of existence left. You have plenty of time. Don’t push yourself. You can be lazy while still getting on with your life.

Just don’t get up in sixty years with a blog with only one post.

So now you’ve heard the advice that you probably won’t follow, have a link to a wikihow page you probably won’t click on.

Yeah that’s not going to help your laziness at all, but I am always for household security.

Now for me to keep procrastinating and not follow my own advice.

This is EggyBlogs.


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