Hello World. 

Hello world. Internet. People who have nothing better to be doing than read this. I just started this blog, and yeah. I hope you stay fir the journey.

To start with, I figured I could just do one of these:

Since you don’t know me, I don’t know how this is going to work, but more you don’t know me, I’m just gonna throw in some answers.


My real name isn’t actually Eggy, because that would just be unfortunate. Eggy I like my cool online hipster name. Yeah. You call me Eggy.


Well I’m pretty sure I’m 5’4. Which is like quite tall compare to some people in my class.

3. Age?

I am too young to drink, but too old to care.

4. Birthday?

Can’t you just figure that out?

5. Girl BFF

Hmm.. I’m not really sure? There are so many variables with this question. First of all, online or offline? Second if all, irl my best friend is also my crush and I’m madly in love with her. And she prefers my other BFF. So like.. what?

6.Guy BFF

Harder, since I do hang out with mostly girls. Probably this kid called Peter. I sit next to him in loads of subjects, and he’s really cool and funny.


As I mentioned, my crush is my best friend. I have no idea how it happened. One minute were besties 4 life next she smiles at me and there’s a dance in my pants. Ok weird way of putting it. But yeah. It was sudden and I can never let her know. Ever.

8.Ever Fall In Love?

I feel like to fall in love, you have to fall in love with somebody. Like both you and the other person you love have to love each other equally and simultaneously. And no. I have never fell in love with anyone.

9. Last Text?

‘Hehe’ lol a little creepy

10. Longest Relationship?

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok no I’m 13. Literally I never even went out with anyone when I was like 6 ‘behind the bushes’. No. Although I did get married when I was 3? My nursery was weird.

11. Battery Percentage?

Right now? Or overall. Or wHy?

12. Eye colour?

Blue. I’ve had people say they look like the Earth..

13. Hair colour?

Dark brown, practically black.

14. Addiction?

Them weird slime videos on instagram. I like them noises ok?


15. Favourite food?

Pizza. Because I’m basic.

16.Favourite Song?

Ok this is super hard? I really like Halsey’s music like Gasoline and Drive. (Also colours is totally a rip-off of Taylor Swift’s Red). I like TØP ofc. Tear In My Heart I my fav.  I also really like ‘Sit still, look Pretty’ by Daya. I don’t know I can’t pick.

17. Favourite animal?


18. Favourite Subject In School?

Hmm.. Drama I guess? I’m not that good though. Or like I’m not as good as Penny (my crush/Best friend). I do want to be a director when I grow up though. Or grow up more.

19.Favourite sport?

I do sailing and rowing in the summer. So yeah. Them.

20. One wish?

I wish Penny would fall madly in love with me lol. Nah. That would be such a waste of a wish. I wish that this world was equal for everyone, no matter gender, religion, sexuality, culture, language, ethnicity, age or beauty.

21. Best time of my life?

The womb.

22. Country?

Europe. Wait no that’s a continent.

23. Pets?

I have one beautiful dog called Toby George Ezra the 1st. Unfortunately he was neutered, so we can’t have a second.

24. Turn-ons

Ok mine is weird. And I’m like thirteen. But I feel like I already know my type? Weird. I know.

I like brown hair. Ok. I don’t really feel attraction to blond hair? Like its nice, but I like brunettes or darker hair. I also think I like darker eyes. And short people. I have this thing with short people.

25. Turn-offs

I don’t really know? Blonde hair? Just kidding XD I honestly don’t know.

26. Relationship Status?

Single. nobody loves me uwu

27. First Kiss?

Ok lame. But it was spin the bottle. It was with this girl called Abbey, and I still see her now and again. She’s really nice but I’ve never really had feelings for her.

28. Ever self-harmed?

I’ve not cut properly or anything, so i  guess not.

29. Someone You Love?

I love my little brother. Although I’d never admit it.

30. Someone You Miss?

I miss basically everyone from primary school. Well not them exactly. But what we had. We were a nice class.

31. Biggest Fear?

Orca whales.

Frickin’ demons.

32. Something you hate?

I hate getting out of bed in the morning, and getting super cold. Like why I the universe like that?¿¿?

33. Fandoms?

Hmm. Well I’m in the phandom. Who isn’t? And I guess I’m super into Downton Abbey, and How I Met Your Mother.

34. Favourite TV shows?

How I Met Your Mother is what I’m currently watching. And yeah.

Its goddarn amazing.

35. Favourite Movie?

Lame, but I really like Pride And Prejudice (2005)

I watched with my  only friend from primary school, Sophie and it was funny and traumatic and amazing all at once.

We also watched Maleficent at her place which was really cool.

36. Favourite Book?

Confession time: I am a total Potterhead. And right now, my favourite book is:

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Part I and II.

It was so bloody good!

37. Favourite thing about myself?

I’m quite funny. Or at least I think i am. So sometimes I get quite dependant on that. But yeah. I do like that about myself.

38. Jealous of…?

I’m sort of jealous of my BFF Aimee, because Penny prefers her.

39.Star Sign?


40. Ethnicity?

I am a white, English girl. That’s kind of Christian. It’s complicated.

41. Middle Name?

Eggy McEgg

More like:


42.Worst Habit?

Cleaning my nails out with pencils. I’m nasty.

43. Best Friend Ever?


44. Embarrassing Moment?


Well in my school musi competition I sung the original pokémon theme tune, and both my hat and glasses fell off mid-song.

Yeah. Cringe.

45. OTP

So many. So so so many.

46. First Fandom?

My first fandom was Naruto. Easily.

47. Books Or WiFi?

WiFi.I do read, but the interninternet is like my second bloodstream.

48. Indoors Or Outdoors?

Indoors. I freckle in the Sun and personally I am not a fan of freckles. On everyone else theyre cute though.

Not mine.
So yeah! That’s a little about me.

Eggy  Out💪


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